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Transform Your Bathroom Into a Spa-Like Oasis With Shower Doors

Transform your bathroom into a spa-like oasis with high-quality shower doors. There are a variety of options that fit any style and budget.

Shower Doors

Glass Shower Doors Alpharetta allow natural light to shine into your bathroom, creating a brighter and more welcoming space. Choose from framed or frameless styles with various hardware finishes.

A home’s bathroom often receives more use than any other room in the house, making it a popular space for renovation projects. Framed shower doors offer an update that can refresh the style of a bathroom while also increasing functionality. Unlike some design trends that come and go, the appeal of frameless shower doors remains timeless. The sleek, minimalist design opens up the space and showcases tile work or other accent features in your shower.

With no metal to collect soap scum, mildew or mold, frameless shower doors are less likely to require regular cleaning or maintenance. They’re also less expensive than framed shower doors since they don’t need as much glass and are easier to install.

Framed shower doors feature a metal frame that wraps around the edges of your glass door. These framed doors tend to be more traditional in appearance and use thinner glass than their frameless counterparts. They can be a great option for bathrooms with existing tile work, as they allow these older pieces to be incorporated into your new look without needing to replace them.

While framed doors can be more cost-effective and easy to install, they’re also more likely to break or become damaged than their frameless counterparts. If your framed shower doors have been compromised, it’s essential to call in the professionals for repair or replacement rather than trying to fix them on your own.

Framed shower doors are usually made of tempered glass, which is more durable than standard glass. In the unlikely event that your framed shower doors break, tempered glass shatters into small pebble-like pieces, significantly reducing the risk of injury compared to sharp shards.


Frameless shower doors are a modern option that can make a bathroom feel bigger and help emphasize other design elements. They can also be easier to clean and offer less places for mold to grow. They are a great choice for anyone who wants to get rid of a dated look and give their home an updated, luxurious feel.

Unlike framed shower doors, which have metal frames that can corrode and collect mineral deposits, frameless doors allow water to run right off of the glass. Because of this, they usually require fewer repairs or replacements than framed doors and can last 20 to 30 years. They may also be treated with Diamon Fusion to prevent water spots and other mineral buildups, making them even easier to maintain.

Because frameless doors don’t have a frame around them, they can let more light into the bathroom. This can be especially helpful in small bathrooms, as it can help the room feel larger and more open. It can also allow the tiling in the shower to become more of a focal point, which can make the space feel luxurious and expensive.

Another benefit of frameless doors is that they can be installed in a variety of ways. They can be used as French doors that hinge outward or they can be anchored to stationary panels and opened by pivoting the panel to the side. They can also be used as knee walls or three-wall enclosures that are open to the outside. They can be made from any type of glass and are available in a variety of finishes, so there is a style to match any bathroom.


Clear glass shower doors are a popular option for homeowners looking to elevate their bathroom. They’re simple to maintain and create a modern aesthetic. They also help open up small bathrooms to feel larger and brighter, allowing natural light to flow throughout the space. However, if you’re not willing to keep up with frequent cleaning and maintenance, this style of door may become difficult to maintain. Transparent glass doesn’t hide water streaks, spots, or soap scum, making every little mark highly visible. Daily cleaning, ideally after each use, along with weekly deep cleans are necessary to maintain a pristine look.

Frosted or textured glass shower doors offer homeowners an array of design options. They can create a soft traditional look, or a crisp contemporary aesthetic with a wide variety of textures, colors, and frostings. Many manufacturers also offer a range of privacy levels from lightly obscured to heavily obscured. This versatility can help you find a style that perfectly suits your aesthetic and meets your functional needs.

Another important benefit of frosted or textured glass is that it’s much easier to keep clean than transparent glass. The rough surface of frosted glass, combined with the layer of frosting, hides water drops, soap scum, and other marks, making it far less likely to stain than smooth transparent surfaces. A simple wipe with a microfiber cloth can keep your frosted or textured glass shower looking fresh and clean.

It’s important to carefully examine your bathroom and consider the practicalities of each type of glass before choosing a final design. If an open, naturally lit look is your top priority along with easy maintenance, clear tempered glass is the best option. However, if you want more privacy, or a cozier traditional feel, etched, sandblasted, or frosted glass is your best choice.

Rain Glass

There are many options for shower doors that offer a variety of aesthetics. Clear glass is the most classic, and allows light to flow unhindered to the rest of your bathroom, promoting a bright and airy look. However, if you are looking to add a bit of flair to your design, there are a number of textured designs that can make your shower stand out. Frosted doors are etched or machine blasted to create an opaque texture that offers privacy and a unique style. Hammered glass features consistent indentations on one side that look similar to hammered metal and offer some privacy as well. For those who are willing to pay a little more, there are custom glass specialists that can combine different textures, tints and patterns into a single door.

Another option is tinted glass, which can be tinted to a wide range of tones including bronze, gray or black. You can opt for a tint that is just slightly darkened, or a more opaque look that is nearly transparent. Tinted glass can add a creative touch to your bathroom, and may also require that a light be installed in your shower enclosure.

Finally, there are frameless shower doors that can be customized to your space. They can be made in virtually any width and height, which provides more flexibility when it comes to determining the size of your shower. They are also easier to clean, as they don’t have any frames to hide dirt, mildew and soap scum. If you choose this type of door, it is important to consider how your door will hinge. For example, will it open to the left or right? This can impact which handle style you will want to use and the overall look of your door.


One of the most popular shower door options is clear glass. This type of glass allows natural light to enter your shower and brightens the room. It also showcases tile and stonework designs beautifully. It’s a good choice if you want to create a modern, minimalist bathroom design.

If you prefer a more decorative look, consider textured glass. This type of glass has a molded pattern that adds visual interest to your shower enclosure. It can be used with framed or frameless doors. The texture has different levels of opacity, which affects privacy and light transmission. For example, acid etch glass has regular indentations that resemble hammered metal and provides some privacy. This type of glass also won’t retain fingerprints as well as other types of shower doors.

Textured glass is available in various finishes and patterns to match your bathroom’s style. For instance, starphire glass has a translucent quality that highlights tile or marble surfaces and adds visual appeal. On the other hand, frosted glass has an opaque quality and provides some privacy. Frosted glass comes in many textures and colors to match your bathroom’s decor and budget.

Printed glass is another option for shower doors. This new technology allows you to print solid colors, designs, and even photographic imagery on your shower glass. Ceramic ink fuses into the glass during the tempering process, which makes it durable and resistant to scratches.

While framed shower doors are more common, frameless ones offer a sleeker appearance. They’re an ideal choice for a contemporary or minimalist bathroom design and they don’t require a wall to enclose the shower. They can also make a small space feel larger by increasing the amount of light that enters. However, they can be more expensive and aren’t as easy to clean as other options.